#ProtectOregonsWildlife Social Media Toolkit

The toolkit’s purpose, and how you can help

This social media toolkit is designed to empower you to take a stand against poaching in Oregon. Poaching, which is the illegal killing of fish and wildlife, threatens the health of our native species and the sport of hunting and fishing. We’re all stewards of our state’s natural beauty, and everyone has a part to play in spotting and reporting incidents of poaching. 

Use this toolkit to amplify the many ways we can all #ProtectOregonsWildlife and #StopPoaching. Together, we can protect our fish and wildlife populations for future generations to enjoy.

How to use the toolkit

  • Step 1: Download a postable image by right-clicking (computer) or tapping (mobile) a campaign asset below, then save the image to your device.

  • Step 2: Copy and paste one of the social media messages written below. Include the campaign hashtag #ProtectOregonsWildlife and the national hashtag #StopPoaching to help amplify your post and the campaign’s cause once your post is live.

  • Step 3: Log into your favorite social media site, like Instagram or Facebook, then navigate to create a new post. Upload the asset you downloaded and saved, then paste your copied message.

  • Step 4: Add the link protectoregonswildlife.com to your post (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or paste it in the URL field of your bio (Instagram) to guide people who see your post to learn more and take action.

  • Step 5: Add the campaign’s website button to your website to direct people to our poaching resources (instructions below).